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"Eat it, you blubber-ball!" demanded Vanessa as she shoved the hose into Bridgette's mouth. Bridgette moaned loudly as she tasted cream begin flowing into her mouth. She swallowed, gulping loudly as the rich substance was forced into her mouth. "Just like that...doesn't it just taste incredible?" asked Vanessa as she rubbed Bridgette's stomach. Bridgette was in her bra and panties, her clothes having been ripped off and tossed aside by herself earlier. She had no idea what she had been getting into though. Already, she could feel the cream in her stomach working, filling her, stuffing her. Bridgette felt incredibly bloated, but still the cream pumped into her. Vanessa stradled Brigette, sitting in her lap. "Uh oh...looks like somebody is putting on a bit of weight..." said Vanessa, patting Bridgette's belly. Her soft stomach was getting even softer, slowly bulging out as Bridgette began to grow. She moaned as she felt it, the bloated feeling spreading to every part of her. Her eyes widened as she felt her butt and hips flaring outwards, and her breasts begin to stretch her bra. "You're already so fat! Are you just going to keep eating and eating, getting even fatter?!" asked Vanessa, faking surprise. She already knew the answer to that question, and so did Bridgette. She sucked on the hose, drawing the thick, delicious cream into her mouth. She moaned as she felt herself growing faster as she brought more cream into herself. Her panties began to creak as the elastic stretched, and her growing breasts slowly began to overflow the cups of her bra. Vanessa's hands cupped Bridgette's boobs, causing her to coo. She blushed as she felt her nipples stiffening. "What's this...?" asked Vanessa, her fingers brushing over the bumps in Bridgette's bra. Bridgette gasped as Vanessa's fingers lightly got through to her nipples. "Oh my God, is this turning you on?!" gasped Vanessa, clearing mocking Bridgette. Bridgette replied with a loud moan, sucking on the hose even harder. Vanessa snapped her fingers, Bridgette gasping as the hose began pumping more forcefully, sending the cream flying into her mouth. "Getting bigger...being pumped full of cream like a fat-filled turns you on, doesn't it!" exclaimed Vanessa. Bridgette moaned, nodding her head and sucking in all the cream she could. "Come on it all up...get bigger...and bigger...and bigger...don't stop, you fat...fucking...whale!" whispered Vanessa into Bridgette's ear. Bridgette let out a muffled cry as her body surged outwards, her bra popping off of her. She was so turned on by Vanessa's words! She just wanted to eat and eat and eat until she was just a bite away from exploding! Vanessa's fingers instantly found Bridgette's erect nipples, pinching them and rolling them in between her fingers. Bridgette cried out as she grew faster and faster, the cream inside of her expanding. "We're not stopping until you're as big as a blimp!" exclaimed Vanessa, Bridgette whimpered at the mere thought of getting that big.

Bridgette's panties snapped from her body, flying across the room as Vanessa stayed on the growing girl's lap, teasing her nipples. "You were already a fat girl...but now you're like a sumo! You're getting absolutely huge!" exclaimed Vanessa. Bridgette had been maybe 300 pounds to begin with, but with all of the eating she was doing, she had ballooned to nearly 600 pounds! "That's it...suck it all down...keep getting fatter!" demanded Vanessa. Bridgette moaned loudly, and Vanessa could feel her growth accelerating as she did exactly as she was told. Vanessa squirmed on top of Bridgette, causing her thighs to rub together. Bridgette cooed as she felt even more pleasure. Vanessa looked into Bridgette's eyes with a seductive smile. She winked before lowering herself, until Bridgette could feel her wrap her lips around one of Bridgette's nipples and sucking. Bridgette almost screamed as the pressure from Vanessa's mouth caused her body to tremble. "The harder you suck, the harder I'll suck..." said Vanessa, sending Bridgette into a frenzy. Her body began to balloon outwards as Vanessa tried to match Bridgette's fervor. Vanessa pressed into Bridgette's breast, sucking as hard as she could. Bridgette could feel Vanessa's tongue teasing the nipple in her mouth, causing Bridgette to moan even louder. She was blowing up like a balloon, filling with gallons upon gallons of the fattening cream. Just thinking about it turned Bridgette on even more! Vanessa snapped her fingers again, causing Bridgette to gasp as the hose began pumping even harder. Bridgette barely had time to swallow before she had to swallow again! Vanessa reached one of her hands over to Bridgette's other nipple and stroked it as she sucked. Her other hand squeezed Bridgette's breast fat, sending a warm pleasure through her. "Come on, baby...fatter...fatter...FATTER!" exclaimed Vanessa between sucks. Bridgette's fat was jiggling, bouncing from all the pleasure she was feeling. Suddenly, the chair both girls were on collapsed under them, sending them both tumbling to the floor.

The hose popped out of Bridgette's mouth, but Vanessa's remained steadfast, sucking on Bridgette's nipple. "O-OH GOD...OH GOD YES!" screamed Bridgette as Vanessa sucked. She was getting absolutely huge! She wasn't even able to reach over her breasts to pull Vanessa closer into her fat. She was well over 1,000 pounds, and she was still growing as the cream took effect. "Mmmmmm...oh...oh, I'm so fat!" exclaimed Bridgette. She wiggled her thighs together, cooing at the pleasure. "You like that?" asked Vanessa. "Oh yes...oh yes..." moaned Bridgette. Vanessa smiled, reaching her hand lower. Bridgette gasped as she felt it slip under her massive stomach and squeeze the inside of her thigh. She began to shake the fat, causing Bridgette to cry out. "O-OH! V-VANESSA! VANESSA!" shrieked Bridgette as her trembling thighs filled her with even more pleasure. Vanessa shook harder, making Bridgette tremble all over. "You've really let yourself go, fatass..." teased Vanessa. Bridgette moaned, Vanessa's words only turning her on more. "Blubber-ball...blimp...whale..." moaned Vanessa, each syllable making Bridgette more and more aroused. The fat jiggling between her thighs was building the pleasure to a dangerous level. "Vanessa...y-you're gonna...gonna make me c-MMPF!" cried Bridgette as Vanessa shoved the hose back into her mouth.

Bridgette's body ballooned as the cream began flowing faster than ever before. Vanessa kept her hands between Bridgette's thighs, causing Bridgette to moan as she swallowed more and more cream. "Big girls like you just don't just keep eating more and keep getting fatter, and you just can't stop!" exclaimed Vanessa. Bridgette's face turned a bright red as Vanessa brought her closer and closer to her limit. "Well then, we're just not going to stop until you pop! We're going to see just how much you can take!" said Vanessa as her hands went even deeper between Bridgette's thighs. Bridgette shuddered as the shaking fat got even more intimate. Vanessa put her entire body into, waves of fat crashing on Bridgette's blimping body. Bridgette moaned louder and louder as Vanessa giggled. Vanessa's tongue tickled Bridgette's nipple as she shook, sending smaller shocks of pleasure into Bridgette. The hair on both girls' necks were standing on end, waiting for the inevitable. "Come on...come on...come on..." said Vanessa, watching Bridgette's eyes widen with every shake. She couldn't take it any more. Bridgette opened her mouth and screamed, send the tube flying from her mouth as Vanessa continued to shake. Bridgette was still growing as her body jerked. "H-HARDER! HARDER!" screamed Bridgette, Vanessa obeying and shaking as much fat as she could. Bridgette let out another loud cry as her body trembled even more. Her body was flying out in every direction, fat and pleasure filling her to the brim. She needed a release. "I-I'M...I'M GONNA CUM!" cried Bridgette. Vanessa gave Bridgette's fat a giant shove, causing her to gasp. "OH! OH Y-YES...YES...YES!" cried Bridgette. She was so close! Vanessa smiled as she gave Bridgette's thighs one last shake. "OH GOD! OH GOD, I'M...I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!" screamed Bridgette as Vanessa sent her over the edge.

Vanessa shoved the hose back into Bridgette's mouth, silencing her screams. "That's it! Bigger! Bigger!" demanded Vanessa. Bridgette could taste the cream flowing into her, sucking hard on the hose to get the fattening cream inside of her. Vanessa was still shaking her fat, making Bridgette's orgasm even stronger. "Eat! Eat until you explode like the fat fucking balloon you are!" exclaimed Vanessa. Bridgette let out a muffled scream as the thoughts of getting fatter surged through her. The cream was flowing faster and faster, her body becoming nothing more than a giant ball of fat, getting fatter and fatter with no end in sight. She felt like she was gonna pop...burst...explode! All thoughts that only made her cum harder. The pleasure continued to grow, causing Bridgette to black out...

"Ooooooooooh..." moaned Bridgette as she came back to. The hose had popped out of her mouth again, undoubtedly from another orgasmic scream. She was massive! She looked to be around 5,000 pounds by the looks of it! " got so big! And you really seemed to enjoy it..." said Vanessa, a finger stroking Bridgette's still erect nipple. Bridgette quivered from the pleasure. "But you didn't come here to came here to get even bigger, didn't you?" asked Vanessa. "Oooooooooooooooh...yes..." panted Bridgette. Vanessa sank down Bridgette's body, grabbing the hose and giving Bridgette's nipple a little suck. Bridgette's body jerked from the stimulation as Vanessa climbed back up. "Open wide..." said Vanessa as she shoved the hose back into Bridgette's mouth, smiling as Bridgette began to grow under her again...
A short story between sketches and requests. Enjoy!
Theodranicarius Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
Quite hot. :)
sfx777 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist
Thanks for the compliment!
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